Searching for volunteers in Vantaa to create a new language for Vantaa

Is Vantaa your home? Do you speak different languages and have something to say? We invite Vantaa citizens of different ages and from different backgrounds to take part in two creative workshops led by Steve Maher, community artist, and independent researcher. The outcome of the collaborative work is the cо-creation of a new common language of Vantaa for the audio installation & tower Babble ON/OFF which will be located at the entrance of the Vernissa Culture Factory on November 2nd –11th as a part of CulturaFest’18. Please be prepared to be present at both workshops, because the language creation takes several phases. You can leave workshops earlier if required. Tea, coffee and light snacks will be served during the workshops.

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Workshop schedule:

  • October 26, Friday 16.0020.00
  • October 27, Saturday 12.0016.00

Place: Taidetalo Pessi, Kielotie 14, 01300 Vantaa

Registration: Natalia Kochelenko,

Invitation by the artist Steve Maher:

“Imagine Vantaa in your language, not the language of your mother and father, or even your country or place of birth. Imagine your city, built with your words and the words of your neighbours. What shape would it take, what sounds would it have and what words would it say? More importantly, what would it say about you?

As part of CulturaFest’18, Babble ON/OFF invites you and your neighbours to collectively create your own language. Taking words and ideas from the many languages within the city we will create another, a common tongue built on common grounds. The project takes place as a series of communal meetings, in which we will build a language. Together we will try to use this language to build an ambitious multimedia tower, made of both words and wood, on the grounds of Vantaa’s own Culture Factory, the Vernissa. Maybe our tower will fall, but maybe we will get to know each other a little bit better along the way”.

More information:

Organizer: Cultura Foundation supported by the Cultural Services of Vantaa